GoodPress Development

GoodPress Development

Corey Adkins
GoodPress Development is a web agency run by a Shambhalian, based in creating websites competently, kindly, and with an eye towards fairness: donating 10% of all revenue to charities to give opportunities to others.

GoodPress Development is a new web agency started by Corey Adkins, an active member and Co-Coordinator of the Mexico City Shambhala Group.

This web agency is ultimately based on the principles of creating Enlightened Society, bringing the values of kindness and fairness in a field where sometimes those values can be forgotten. 10% of all revenue is donated to charities that help give opportunities to work in the tech industry who wouldn’t otherwise receive it. The current charity that we’re donating to is Annie Cannons ( which helps train survivors of human trafficking in skills to get work in the tech industry.

If you’re looking to create a new website, or work on an existing one, and do that by helping out a fellow Shambhalian, and contributing towards a fairer world, then that is what GoodPress is for.

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GoodPress Development

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