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Yesware is the easiest way for sales teams to track what’s working and grow revenue, faster.

Join our community of 800,000 empowered sales professionals to:

Easy superpowers for your inbox. Tour the product, then transform your email.

Know what happens after you click send
Our email tracking tools tell you who’s opening your messages, links, and attachments in real time, so you can plan your next steps. Quickly check the status of each tracked email from inside your inbox.

Make your inbox work for you
Send Later lets you delay sending an email until a time of your choosing. Simply schedule an email in Gmail and we’ll take care of the rest. Add a Reminder to emails you want to remember to follow up on later. Your email and Reminder note will come back to the top of your inbox when you want it to, whether that’s tomorrow, next week, or two months from now.

Send better emails, faster
Create email templates in Gmail or Outlook to spend less time rewriting your most commonly used messages. Open and reply rates are tracked automatically, so you can A/B test templates and learn which emails get the best results.

Book meetings 10x faster
Share a custom link with times you’re available to meet. Your invitee picks one of the times you suggested and Yesware automatically adds the meeting to both calendars. Zero back-and-forth emails required.

Follow up, automatically
Use Mail Merge to automatically send a series of personalized emails to prospects over time, right from your inbox. Use Touchpoints to run multi-channel sales campaigns using phone calls, social selling, email, drip campaigns, and other custom outreach.

Easy Salesforce email and calendar integration
Say goodbye to time consuming, manual data entry. Yesware automatically syncs all your emails, attachments, or meetings to the correct record in real-time. Use the Salesforce Sidebar to see your most recent contact activity and create new tasks without leaving your inbox.

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