Mango Wood Oryoki Sets

Great Eastern Sun Store

Jamie Reinhardt
Selling oyroki sets, malas, wrist malas, dharma jewelry, statues, meditation cushions, tea, sake & Ink sets.

I’ve been designing, making, and selling products for meditation and yoga practitioners for 12 years now! What started off as a hobby (in 2004) became my full time occupation when I moved to Thailand in 2006. Being a practitioner myself, I know what the intended, traditional uses are, and I also understand the popularity of these items in modern culture. As a father of two boys, It’s always seems to be a challenge to balance work, family life, and practice. Selling these items has been a great way to integrate the contemplative practices that I value so much, into my life, bringing together creative expression and livelihood. It’s my pleasure to design and sell these beautiful items which inspire others in their practice!

  • Meditation Cushions
  • Statues
  • Bracelets
  • Wrist Malas
  • Dharma Jewelry
  • Malas
  • Tea, Saké & Ink Sets
  • Lacquer Oryoki Sets

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