Financial Consulting

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DETALA GmbH-Financial Services
Michael Fraund
– real estate investments with full service in growing cities of Germany, like Berlin
– for Europeans only: financial planning, pension funds, insurance, alternative and sustainable investments
Flavia Maria Neves
Flavia Maria Neves

• 20 years of experience building a solid and successful career in sales, human resources, project and process management and finance in B2B and B2C companies such as, Hive, Banco Itaú and other companies.
• Sound Understanding of Human Resources, where we implemented continuous improvement of HR processes in all sub-systems, with emphasis on creating and implementing plans of Career / Succession, Leadership Development Programs and Team Building process mapping the company’s value chain.
• Distinguished role as a business partner, working together with businesses areas to review processes, improve customer relationship, boost business planning, restructure finance activities operations, involving methods, processes and technology generating value for all stakeholders.
Strong and recognized administrative competence with experience in leading and working in team in companies and NGOs, focusing on continuous improvement processes, to develop the team, supporting the administration for the development of the strategy and relationships with communities, universities, chambers of commerce and associations, for the fulfillment of the social mission of the institution;, managing programs, events, finance, records and actively participated in various committees and workshops.
Highlander Wealth Services, LLC
Solomon Halpern & Jesse Grimes
Highlander is a Mindful Finance company providing portfolio management, life insurance, and consulting services to our family of clients.
Lynele Jones, CPA
Lynele Jones
Year-end closings of the books, financial reporting, and tax return preparation.
Rigden Financial Inc.
Layth Matthews
Mortgage Brokerage and Financial Planning across Canada