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Karuna Training
Melissa Moore
Karuna Training is a comprehensive program in Contemplative Psychology that teaches how to work skillfully and compassionately with yourself and others. “Karuna” means “compassion” in sanskrit and this program offers ample training and practice in cultivating compassion and offering it to others. Teaching skills like listening, compassionate exchange, working with intense emotions and confused relationship, the 2-year training is grounded in contemplative meditation practice and brought to life through group and partner based experiential exercises where participants can practice relating skillfully with each other. It is a journey of discovering one’s own brilliant sanity, and of learning how to exchange ourselves for others so that we can transform everyday life challenges into opportunities for openness and wisdom.
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Emery Mikel
Emery Mikel (Naropa University TCP Psych graduate) built this company to help people in the community find contemplative psychotherapists specializing in talk therapy, creative arts therapy, and using a mindful approach to mental health. In-person in NYC and Brooklyn, Online services available when appropriate.